We believe that software has to be efficient and simple.
This is made possible by well-considered user concepts, logic and by imposing the highest demands on ourselves. Today, this is the only way to create big and complex systems. For this reason, we develop your software using state-of-the-art technology in order to make you and your business even more successful.
The right software with simplified user concepts is motivating and optimizing the workflow at the same time. Consequently, both training costs and time are lowered and sources of errors are reduced.
You save time and money.


Our name stands for clarity, productivity and dynamic.
Cyan-colored light improves your attention and power.
The Latin word Cor means heart or soul.
Thus it reflects our inner motivation and the main point of our guiding idea:
Efficiency. Simplicity. Quality.


After years of working with different software engineers we realized that the most important principles of software development are ignored way too often.
Driven by this realization we joined forces and established CyanCor.
Modern technology, innovation and quality have always come first for us.
Since we have access to a wide range of competent resources of development we promote and enable better, less complicated and more productive solutions – for your company, your employees and the software you use every day.
Michael Loeffl

Michael Loeffl

Managing Director
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Tom Riedl

Managing Director
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„The solution is always simple, you just have to find it.”

Alexander Solschenizyn, Russian writer


BuildMonitor Screenshot

BuildMonitor – Build- and status visualization for GitLab, Jenkins and own REST-APIs

Mega Logo

MegaREST, MegaVIEW and MegaDMS

XMF Logo

XMF – Extensible Measurement Framework
Whitelabel measurement software


App Development

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, WebApps, Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin

Software Development

Business and end-user application development for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Microcontroller programming, (Exhibition-)Prototyping, Bot development, HTML5/Javascript (Web, 2D/3D), 3D applications and simulations

Coaching and Analysis

Software architecture and development, usability and user concepts, software profiling, performance analysis, source code reviews

„Simplicity means voluntarily limiting oneself to the essential.”

Andreas Tenzer, German philosopher and pedagogue





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